Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

grad A.
04:34 31 May 24
It was great experience they did everything right we really appreciate your help 🙏
Amber A.
01:27 28 May 24
I couldn’t have picked a better place. Everyone makes you feel like your family and the customer service is beyond what you would expect. I have never been happier with my experience or my teeth. I’m so glad I made the decision to come here.
Areli L.
23:49 19 May 24
I just can Say is the Best place , is safe , all the staff is friendly and they take your treatment very seriously.
Amber M.
07:06 18 May 24
Fantastic experience working with North Coast Orthodontics for our two daughters' care. Dr. Schabel, Dr. Chan and team are thorough, proactive and easy to work with. No issues, and teeth are looking great!
David F.
03:30 17 May 24
My 16 year old nephew was visiting from India and he had a problem with his braces digging into his cheek.I called the office and explained my situation to Danielle who spoke with a manager and asked if we could come in. We were there in about 15 minutes and were greeted with such friendly staff in a very impressive reception area.My nephew was taken back shortly after and his wire was adjusted so it no longer cut into his cheek. He was also given some wax to use if he had any issues while traveling.I work in a clinical setting here in Santa Cruz and I was so impressed with the staff at this practice. Very professional, very friendly and caring.My sister in law and her husband were so overwhelmed with the care they showed their son. It made me proud that they felt this way.If any of the patients in my clinic ever ask for a good orthodontist I will happily recommend North Coast Orthodontics.
Edward P
17:29 16 May 24
Upon entry to the facility I felt welcomed and comfortable. I’ve seen some amazing transformations before and after photos from other clients that look great with results. I’m currently on my 9th alignment and can really start to see the difference in my teeth!
Leah B.
17:23 15 May 24
North Coast Orthodontics has excellent customer service with knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Aileen F.
01:32 15 May 24
Definitely the best, super friendly !
Elijah P.
20:41 13 May 24
Great experience working with Dr. Schabel on my teeth. I had complications mid treatment unrelated to the Invisalign and he reassured me that we would still get the results that were promised. Now I have to unlearn my habit of not smiling so I can show off all the work we did together.
Kristin A.
17:41 03 May 24
I called this morning because our family is leaving town today for a weeklong travel and our regular orthodontist’s office was closed.My daughter recently had her braces adjusted at her primary ortho and the wire was cutting into her cheek. North Coast Ortho was not only able to get me in one hour after I called, but they fixed her issue but simply cutting a little wire. My daughter was so happy to get a little relief AND they did it for free as a courtesy. Their office was peaceful, calming and professional. We were seen on time and the whole thing took ten minutes. Beyond impressed. When it’s our younger daughter’s turn for braces we will definitely be considering North Coast. Thank you for your generosity and skill North Coast!!!
Kim S.
23:20 14 Apr 24
North Coast Orthodontics is a wonderful place to go. The entire staff is friendly and professional. They make each patient and their parents feel welcomed and important. I highly recommend this place for all of you and your family's orthodontic needs
Kimberly K.
22:39 14 Apr 24
Professional, personable, efficient, and exceptionally skilled. Thankful we chose the North Coast team for our families orthodontics.
Cari C.
17:42 13 Apr 24
Super thorough, accommodating and responsive. Always friendly and organized. They made this experience very smooth!
17:31 08 Apr 24
I only trust my children’s smile with Dr Chan or Dr Schabel. I know they are getting the best care at North Coast because I can tell their top priority is to create beautiful smiles. My kids love Dr Chan. She has been so wonderful to deal with; very knowledgeable and meticulous in finding the best plan to get the best results. And their staff are also great to deal with too, always helpful and always with a smile. I am a very happy customer so far!
Chastain S.
18:18 06 Feb 24
North Coast Orthodontics has been wonderful during the braces experience for my daughter. They were kind and helpful and so accommodating with appointments early in the morning to work with our schedules. The whole staff is amazing and friendly! Made my daughter feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend them for any orthodontics needs. Not to mention they are the experts and really know what they are doing. Two thumbs up!
05:03 30 Dec 23
I recently completed my treatment with NCO team and I can not be happier. I am going to share my experience, hoping it help you to make a right decision for your well-being!I was a complex case due to my childhood lip-sucking habit that resulted in having a cross bite, deviated jaw, that consequently affected my breathing, chewing abilities, digestion and bone loss. I never pursued a treatment until I was in my late 30's. On the exam day I met Dr Schabel, and he was very thorough and honest with me. He said that he was confident we could accomplish our goals with Invisalign during an estimated amount of time. I had attachments bonded to my teeth by assistants (that are pro, and have been with the practice forever). At my later visits, I met DR Chan, who is an Orthodontist as well and is Dr Schabel's wife. They both worked on my case at the same time. In terms of treatment plan, we did achieve what we went for, as a result of Drs meticulous, on point treatment plan. I was given a series of initial aligners, and at the end of the last set, we reviewed the result and Drs decided on ordering more aligners which I was ok with. Drs are very professional, yet friendly. They are picky themselves so I could easily rely on them with the details. I also liked the fact that they were very gentle while working on me. I found them to be good listeners and I would give them feedback at every visit.Regarding how I was treated as an individual, I had some language barrier, as English is my second language. I was accommodated patiently by Drs and assistants. Drs and assistants would slow down speaking to me so I can follow, and would use replacement words or would describe what they meant multiple times, if I didn't know a specific word or term. I always felt heard and cared for, my concerns were addressed all throughout the treatments, and my inputs were taken into consideration.As someone who has gained what she wanted, health and esthetic wise, Being aware of what an important health/ financial decision this is, I have some points and tips that I'd like to add:Firstly, consider this a team work between you and your dentist, do your part. Wear your aligners as needed, or care for your braces by avoiding foods you should not be eating. I was very compliant and that's why I got my desired result in the timeline I was expecting.Secondly, avoid settling for the cheapest option! I started my treatment when I was not in a good financial position, in the middle of Covid. However, as a health care professional, I was aware of cost of making compromises when it comes to health. I did my research, visited other offices and the quality of care, safety, high standard, technology and overall what I got in this office was well worth the money! look at it as an investment you are making on your health. They accommodated me with monthly payments that despite my financial worries it all worked out at the end.Thirdly, wherever you end up, make sure you are doing your treatment with an Orthodontist! It's important! they go through years of more schooling specifically for fixing our bite and smile. They know so much more!Lastly, I really hope my feedback helps you find what you are looking for, because it has been life changing for me not only Health-wise but also I love my smile so much more now! 🙂
Hilda F.
16:44 24 Oct 23
We would definitely recommend North Coast Orthodontics. They’re professionals and when we had questions or something happened to my daughter’s brackets they were always available. All the process was explained to us and during appointments would take the time to talk to us about the process and next steps. Highly recommended!
Roger S.
23:34 09 Oct 23
This whole office is amazing. They welcomed me with open arms even though I came in for just a one time visit after completing a treatment while living elsewhere, did not charge for the visit, coordinated with the orthodontist in another country and followed up to make sure I had everything I needed. I have visited other orthodontists in Santa Cruz previously who were also great but North Coast is next level.
Loan H.
21:24 09 Oct 23
We came in from out of town and one of my son’s wires had shifted during our vacation and was poking into his cheek. The office was so incredibly nice and got him in right away and fixed the problem with no cost. They were exceptional and really helped us during a mini-crisis on vacation. We are so appreciative. The office was beautiful and the staff was great
Daniel G.
05:40 18 Aug 23
2 kids, 2 successful treatments. Came highly recommended from DDS and did not disappoint. Cool modern office and friendly staff.
Mochi C.
17:20 15 Aug 23
It’s been an amazing orthodontics experience for my daughters who have been with North Coast Orthodontics for the past 6 years (consults to now)! Treatment plan and braces are now done and their teeth look beautiful! The doctors and staff thoroughly explain the process, follow up in a timely manner, and are always very courteous and flexible. I’ve entrusted them to take care of my children’s orthodontic journey and it’s been so worth it!!
Liz F.
17:10 15 Aug 23
Our daughter is completing the Invisalign treatment and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the process. We avoided years of spacers, metal braces, discomfort for our daughter and ended up with beautiful, well-aligned teeth. Money well worth it and the doctors and staff amazingly supportive.
Lola G.
01:31 01 Aug 23
My daughter was at overnight camp at Kennolyn and had a braces emergency and was in pain :(. I called north coast and I can’t even tell you how helpful they were!!!! They worked with the camp and me to get her in same do so that she could enjoy the rest of her week at overnight camp. Hailey was amazing and helped us so much. They also sent over their records to her ortho back home. I CANNOT say enough good things about the practice- soooooo grateful for them!!!!!
Rebecca B.
19:07 23 May 23
My three kids and I have all gone to North Coast for braces. Our experience has been been incredible. Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan have been wonderful while treating us and their staff is so friendly and helpful. I recommend North Coast to everyone who asks.
Claire N.
22:11 17 May 23
I highly recommend going to North coast, they are so wonderful and welcoming. I’m so happy with my results it was the best thing to boost my self esteem and confidence.
Brandon Y.
17:18 16 May 23
Everyone here is super nice, they made sure every step of the way during braces felt fine and relaxing. It helped a lot that everyone always felt relaxed and professional with what they were doing. Overall it was an amazing orthodontist office.
Kathleen M.
21:10 03 May 23
Wonderful experience! My daughter had a very complicated situation and all came out beautifully! Her smile is a joy to see! The two years was worth it and the doctors and office staff are amazing!
Judy T.
23:09 30 Dec 22
I highly recommend North Coast, especially for kids needing orthodontic work! My son had a wonderful experience there, and was very comfortable going to his appointments. He really enjoyed the perks and swag they provided. They are definitely top-notch!He started off with crooked spaced out teeth in elementary school, and after braces and Invisalign, he’s in middle school with a perfectly straight smile.The Doctors and staff were amazing! So supportive, helpful and friendly. They were readily available to assist with any issues we encountered. Their facility is really nice and very clean. We appreciated the care they provided throughout the COVID pandemic, we always felt safe going to their facility. They had proper procedures in place to keep everyone healthy.Look no further, this is the perfect place for braces & Invisalign!
Cali M.
17:56 23 Dec 22
We absolutely love Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan and the staff at North Coast!They are very friendly and professional. My daughter just got her braces taken off, and we are just blown away with the results! To see her before and after pictures is just amazing! My husband and I are extremely thankful for such a wonderful job and experience that was provided to our daughter. Our daughter is absolutely in love with her new smile. We would definitely recommend to anyone that needs braces.
Dave C.
20:12 16 Aug 22
We were on vacation in Aptos, and my daughter's bracket and wire came loose, and was causing her a lot of discomfort. Even though we were not her full-time patient, Dr. Chan met us on a Sunday and adjusted the wires and installed a bracket. She was very professional and patient. We really appreciated it! If we lived in the Santa Cruz area, she would definitely be our orthodontist!
Lucas P.
14:09 18 Feb 22
Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan are both extremely good at what they do. Would highly recommend, as I am extremely happy with my invisalign end result!
Samantha M.
03:28 15 Mar 19
I appreciate my orthodontists so much decided to write this review.I’m gonna start with the bad experiences first but let me clarify that it was Western Dental. I was with them for i don’t even know 5 plus years, AND LET ME TELL YOU NOTHING WAS DONE JUST A LOTTA MONEY INFESTED. Felt like we got robbed basically because nothing was correct in my mouth, we felt like cattle being in their office, we never felt like we had any real progress done to my mouth. To us when we left we always felt like nothing really was progressing. Always the same thing being done and different doctors that didn’t even know what was going on with my mouth sometimes, scary right? they never talked to you like you were humans, always frowns like they never wanted to be there, rushed everything they did just to get you out of there.. well that’s what it felt like.But hey this review isn’t about them it’s about North Coast, NOW LET ME TELL YOU WHEN I SAY ITS THE BEST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD WITH A ORTHODONTIST. There’s never a dull moment in there, all the doctors and nurses always have a smile on their face, always tryin to engage with you, plus at the same time they are doing what they are suppose to be doing in you’re mouth. We are always seeing progress! What they promise you see. Always making sure the braces are never hurting or bothering me. Gentle but not too gentle where they can’t get anything done. Always has good vibes and they are always happy to work on you. You feel like you are their only patient when you’re in there. Always the best experience when we enter and always feeling that progress is being made when we leave. We love The husband and wife vibe, always feels like a family in there and we are apart of it. WE LOVE YOU NORTH COAST, if you are looking for a good family friendly orthodontist, please don’t look anywhere or think twice it’s worth it.
Benjamin R.
18:32 30 Jan 18
All three of my daughters have been treated by North Coast over the past 7 years and the youngest just got her braces off! Is is with mixed emotions that this amazing journey is coming to an end as I have watched my little girls become confident teens with the most beautiful smiles I could imagine. Our experience with this office has been nothing short of amazing. Not only are Dr. Chan & Dr. Schabel exceptional at what they do, Dr. Chan has been an amazing role model to my girls. She is kind, compassionate, humble, and brilliant - everything a parent tries to instill in their daughters. It's no surprise that 2 of my girls want to be orthodontists now. Thank you for everything you all have done for our family over the years!
Brittany E.
21:19 21 Dec 17
I can't say enough positive things about this office. From the minute I walked in the door, everyone was super nice and attentive. Both Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan are great about explaining everything in great detail. The office is beautiful. Looking forward to my new smile! Keep up the great work.
sandra M.
19:44 16 May 17
Fantastic experience from start to finish. The Orthodontists and Staff are all exceptional. Very happy with the experience.
Blossom R.
18:16 21 Mar 17
This was our first experience at North Coast and it was wonderful. The staff is so helpful and friendly, the procedures are all of the highest quality and newest technology, and the scheduling was always so easy. Highly recommended!
Jenny W.
20:08 08 Feb 17
From the first to almost the last appointment (my son just got his braces off!), we have had excellent service and prompt appointments and most importantly, because of Dr. Schabel my son has kept all 14 teeth on the top and bottom, when all of the other "reputable and recommended" orthodontist would have just pulled them or used outdated methods to preserve them (like drilling into the roof of his mouth). Dr. Schabel used a more modern expander so he didn't have to have less teeth, which will help preserve his jaw line into old age. So thankful for the excellent service and we have enjoyed the beautiful office, which makes the visits always pleasant. Thank you North Coast Orthodontics!
Caytie W.
17:58 19 Sep 16
We are impressed with North Coast Orthodontics. The staff are always friendly and kind. They have always been able to accomodate our schedule (two in braces at the same time). Thanks for the great care.
Lori H.
01:34 13 Aug 16
Coming herein July 2015 was the best thing out family ever did our daughter michelle had a bad experience at another Orthodonist so we transferred her to Northcoast Orthodonists and they have been wonderful from the front office to the back office to the orthodontist everything is perfect I would highly recommend them if your child needs braces please come here they are the best. Sincerely Lori and Charles hunter.
Marcos R.
18:53 08 Aug 16
Fantastic!! Great people!
Rachelle R.
17:58 06 May 16
I don’t know how I can even begin to describe my experience at North Coast Orthodontics. When I decided to get braces at the age of 23 I was a bit hesitant. I had never had braces before and didn’t know what to expect. I had a very narrow mouth with lots of crowding in my teeth and I found that I had a hard time cleaning them. A lot of people just want braces to have that gorgeous smile which of course I wanted too but it was more than that. I wanted to be able to have a healthy smile. I started doing some research and came across North Coast Orthodontics. I took a look at their website and was so impressed at how organized and easy everything was to find and knew I had to call the office and get and appointment. Dr. Schabel took the time to explain each treatment and answer any questions I had about them. Immediately after having my consultation I knew I wanted to proceed with treatment. I decided to get the ceramic braces and was extremely pleased with how unnoticeable they were. Dr. Schabel also asked if I would like to try this newer technology called Acceledent. He explained that it could cut my treatment down from 2 years to 16 months, which for me was a no brainer. The Acceledent made having braces so easy. It’s a device that you place in your mouth for 20 minutes every day that vibrates to help the teeth transition easily. Let me tell you this little thing helps with the pain A LOT and as Dr. Schabel said it did cut my treatment to 16 months. Now that my treatment is over I am over the moon happy about my smile and I would HIGHLY recommend North Coast Orthodontics. The entire staff is extremely nice, knowledgeable and always 100% professional. They are always on time so you aren’t ever siting in the waiting room. They are right there to answer any questions you have about your treatment whether it be at your appointment, over the phone or in an email. I am and will be forever grateful and thank them all so much for giving me the smile I’ve always wanted.
Bryan M.
23:06 12 Feb 16
We are REALLY happy we chose North Coast. We consulted with every orthodontist in town (it seems). What drew us to NC, was their attention to detail with the options to treatments. I felt they were absolutely giving us the positives and negatives to each option. That was eye opening. The other orthodontists we met with just told us "this is what we will do". The end. Dr's Schabel and Chan were the opposite. They treated us like educated individuals, and could be involved with the right plan for us. That was unique in our consults, and won us over. We are now very well underway, and could't be happier with our decision. The kids (all 3 of them!) are progressing nicely. Also, gotta give props the the staff. Friendly, professional and efficient. All in a gorgeous office.
Jodi G.
18:37 07 Jan 16
Can you say organized and top notch service ... North Coast Orthodontics is a well oiled machine! We had a new patient consultation yesterday - I was impressed with the level of technology they used to fully diagnosis my son and come up with a treatment plan. AND this was our third ortho consult - no other doctor recommended what Dr. Schabel did. 5 stars!!
Cole F.
21:46 21 Dec 15
The care provided by Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan is unquestionably the very best. Their office does not provide assembly line service--Dr. Schabel is always available to answer questions and explain what he is doing and why. He is never "too busy" to talk to his patients or family members. He is a perfectionist and is meticulous in his work, and the results are outstanding. Both of my children and I have been his patients. We could not be happier with the treatment we received. I would recommend North Coast Orthodontics to everyone.
Fabiola B.
16:48 30 Sep 15
Our experience was AMAZING. When we started I was very confused and overwhelmed and not the easiest person to deal with. I had ALOT of questions. Tiffany was very patient and friendly and always answered every single question I had. Showing me records, insurance payments or whatever else I needed to ease my worry . Dr. Schabel and all his staff are phenomenal in Zennia's care. We were always in and out on time. They were always ready for her when we arrived. I don't ever remember waiting in the lobby for a long time from the minute we arrived to the minute we left. The atmosphere is pleasant and soothing. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the patient care is the OUTSTANDING. I am so glad we came here. It was well worth Zennias' beautiful smile! : D Thank you so much! <3
Anna D.
23:12 10 Sep 15
Great orthodontic office! All of the staff, from front office, to orthodontic assistants, to providers, are welcoming and impressively competent each step of the way. They operate with a smooth team-centered approach that is notable. The office itself is beautiful, clean, and thoughtfully and artfully organized and designed; a really lovely space. Most importantly, my daughter's teeth and mouth are taking beautiful shape, thanks to Dr. Schabel's spot-on recommendations for the care that was best for her, and his excellent craftsmanship. He clearly takes delight in his work and in his patients. Highly recommend this office!!
Gloria J.
22:15 24 Mar 15
Dr. Schabel and his office staff are amazing! We came to Dr.Schabel midway through my sons orthodontic treatment. Dr.Schabel was very professional, approachable and informative. His office is modern, clean and easily accessible with plenty of parking. His staff is friendly, professional and related well with my son and I. I would recommend Dr. Schabel to any and all who would like excellent orthodontic care.
Caitlin S.
00:09 21 Feb 15
Great place...smart and helpful!
Victoria G
05:25 19 Feb 15
You guys were so welcoming! Smiles on all of the staffs faces, so that my first visit felt comfortable and enjoyable. I completely love the atmosphere. It has good vibes and is open. I am I'm love with North Coast Orthodontics and am glad I am a patient.
Eric B.
19:30 09 Feb 15
Our dentist referred us to Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan to treat our 14 year old son's overbite caused by teeth crowding. They did a great job explaining the whole process from initial recommended extractions, to bite realignment and braces. The whole process went right on schedule and was completed in two years. Not sure what they told him about using the retainers overnight...but he does! Very nice doctors and staff. Beautiful, convenient office on 41st Ave. I highly recommend them.
James W.
20:35 17 Jan 15
Looking back, our decision to have orthodontic treatment with North Coast Orthodontics was the best health care decision we could have made for our daughters. We visited two other offices before coming to North Coast. One recommended headgear (my 14 year old daughter was NOT going to wear it) and extracting 2 teeth and another recommended extraction of 4 teeth. Dr. Chan presented a plan that did not involve either tooth extractions or headgear. 18 months later, the braces are gone, our daughter's confidence is sky high, her teeth were saved, and we could not be happier with the result. Thank you North Coast for everything you have done for our family. 2 more daughters will be coming down the pipeline when you decide they're ready!
Luis R.
20:58 17 Sep 14
Absolutely wonderful! I have no complaints. Everyone here is amazing, nice and seem as though they love what they do, which is important. The doctors are amazing and super personable and I didn't feel like just another client. Thank you guys again.
Dianne G.
18:00 25 Aug 14
" I am really impressed with the office. My son has Autism and has challenges with being touched, noises and staying still for appointments. The doctor and his assistant are very patient and have a number of strategies to support my son during his appointments and hints to use for home care. I am also impressed with the ability the doctor has to explain to me what he is doing, the goal he is work toward and how we are going to get there. " What a smooth process! I was so worried when I first brought Thomas here because we hard seen another ortho already and I left there in tears feeling like a horrible mom because I couldn't afford treatment for him and their staff made me feel awful. We came here and I left in tears again but because I was so happy. The staff has been so great working with Thomas's autism and quirkiness. Even if his brushing was poor no one shamed me. I love the service we have gotten. The care and compassion makes me feel that Thomas is special to the staff. Thank you for all you have done to make this a painless experience for us. You all are the greatest! We loved the candy buffet after my son's brace were taken off. What a clever idea!!
Nicole S.
16:08 14 Aug 14
Making the choice to go with North Coast Orthodontics has been hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made! Every time I walk into the office I'm greeted with a smile and by my name (the staff is very personable). The treatment that I received was easy and painless. And the projected time I was given to have my braces on went a little quicker than we anticipated. How great is that?! My journey with North Coast has sadly come to an end and I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me. Thank you Dr. Schabel, Dr. Chan and staff!!
Troy C.
18:00 28 Jul 14
As a parent, it's great to never wait. You are in and out, but feel very informed. Every single staff member is personable and professional. To top it off, my son likes going and never complains about the experience.
Lettner F.
16:50 24 Jul 14
We have been so impressed and encouraged by North Coast Orthodontics. Knowing that our daughter would need orthodontic work was a bit intimidating and overwhelming, however our first visit to North Coast was so welcoming, informative, and wonderful. The entire staff is very kind and professional.After our second visit, I am even more convinced that this place 'gets it' in the way of caring for their patients. The time and care they give to my daughter when we are there is really wonderful. She is comfortable there and looks forward to her next visits!Thank you!
Lauren L.
22:19 07 Jul 14
Hannah has had a wonderful experience at North Coast. I appreciated the conservative and thorough approach. Thanks to Drs Schabel and Chan and the super friendly staff. And of course, thanks for the million dollar smile.
Tyler F.
05:34 04 Jul 14
" I have been so pleased with our experience at North Coast Orthodontics. Dr. Shabel has created beautiful smiles for both of my children. He is so great with the kids, as is the entire staff. I highly recommend this Orthodontics office. "
Maycie P.
16:24 27 Jun 14
North Coast Orthodontics is an amazing place where everyone there cares and wants to help you. They treat you like family, and make you feel at home. Also for their patients they have many cool scavenger hunts and rewards. I am VERY glad I am go here for my treatment, starting on July 1.
Stacey K.
00:51 21 Jun 14
My youngest son is the 3 rd child to go through Orthodontic treatment. Our experience with Dr. Schabel and staff has been a great experience. Very professional and caring. Always kept us informed and always answered all questions and concerns. Thank you for taking such great care of our son.
R K.
05:53 19 Jun 14
Just finished my treatment plan and could not be any happier! My jaw is in great shape and I have not had a headache in months. Everyone at North Coast is fabulous! They are so great that I have my son there for his orthodontic care. AMAZING!
Sherry K.
00:37 06 Jun 14
" I have four children who went through North Coast Orthodontics, one of them twice due to late jaw growth. Each child received exceptional care. Dr. Schabel and staff were friendly, professional, and provided a hospitable atmosphere. Dr. Schabel explained treatment in layman's terms understandable to both parent/child. Let's face it, unless you have amazing insurance, orthodontics costs a pretty penny. North Coast Orthodontics provided a doable financial plan that worked with our family. The best part is you'll be pleased with the results. We are! Thank you, Dr. Schabel for taking such great care of my kids' smiles. They look GREAT! "
Lynn S.
00:29 17 May 14
I have the highest praise for Dr. Schabel and Dr. Chan and their fine staff. Dr. Schabel took the time to communicate throughout our entire process, not just initially to get us signed up. I felt like we were a team, joining together to accomplish a common goal. While they are professional, the office always has a fun vibe and some type of creative contest to help keep the patients motivated and involved. Without hesitation I recommend North Coast Orthodontics to anyone in need of orthodontic services!
Todd A.
13:49 14 May 14
The front office staff is always very friendly and efficient. Doctors Chan and Schabel did an excellent job with our daughter's teeth. We are all very pleased with the result.
Alex B.
21:38 27 Apr 14
I am just about finished with my Invisalign treatment, and I could not be happier with my results. Going into ortho treatment, all I really wanted to do was get my retainers adjusted to straighten my lower teeth, but I was given the recommendation of going through Invisalign. I have been in Invisalign for about six months now and I only have a few weeks left. I opted to get faster treatment with Acceledent that the office offered to me. I am very excited with how Dr. Schabel has presented everything to me in a very clear manner from the beginning all the way through. I have always gotten my questions answered. I would highly recommend sending any of my friends or family to the North Coast Ortho family. They honestly know how to run a business, hands down!
Kristen W.
02:37 24 Mar 14
" I had an extremely positive experience at North Coast Orthodontics from my first phone call to end of my initial consultation. All the staff was exceptionally professional, kind and friendly. I have complicated oral needs and Dr. Schabel was extremely thorough, confident and knowledgeable during my exam. He walked me through a preliminary diagnosis and took the time to answer all my questions. I have met several orthodontist over the years and I've never met one as detailed at Dr. Schabel. I trust that Dr. Schabel and his team will provide me with the best orthodontic treatment that is possible. I also trust that Dr. Schabel will work well with my oral surgeon and dentist as my treatment will need to be a team effort. I look forward to have my orthodontics done at this office! "
Stacy D.
01:58 18 Mar 14
After 7 months, we are happy that North Coast is friendly, efficient, and accomodating.
Drew S.
01:00 13 Mar 14
All three of my children are cared for by North Coast. Never have I felt pressure to begin orthodontic treatment before we are ready. The doctors are comfortable with the wait and see approach which I appreciate as a parent (and the one paying the bill). They embrace new technologies and explain goals and treatment plans in ways that are understandable. Staff is friendly and considerate of our needs.
Teresa W.
16:46 21 Feb 14
Very nice and friendly front office staff and we never have to wait long for appointments.
Katy N.
20:06 30 Jan 14
North Coast Orthodontics has a very friendly and personable staff. They make you feel welcome, comfortable, and taken care of. Everyone is knowledgeable and only performs the best work possible. Thank you for your service!
Joe M
15:40 17 Jan 14
5 STARS for sure. As an adult patient, I can't say I was looking forward to wearing braces, but I was looking forward to correcting my underbite. Having said that, walking into North Coast Orthodontics for each appointment was a pleasant experience each and every time, and not just because of their patient & family friendly office environment. From the 'front end' to the patient chair, Dr. Schabel, Dr. Chan, and the ENTIRE staff are courteous, friendly and professional across the board. The doctors and assistants clearly explain each step of the process, and are open to answering any questions along the way. Not to mention, I had my 3yr old son with me on most appointments, and he became quite comfortable in the 'game room' and the staff was always keeping an eye on him while I was in the chair.At my first appointment in December 2012, the goal was established for 12 months of orthodontics. Braces went on in January 2013. Because I did not want to keep the braces on any longer than necessary, I wore the prescribed 'rubber bands' consistently day and night (with few exceptions). 12 months later in January 2014, my bite is correct, my teeth are straight, and my braces are off!I can't be more pleased with my experience at North Coast Orthodontics, and of course, I recommend them in the highest regard. And when it comes time for my son to get braces, I know where I'll be going. Many thanks to Dr. Schabel & Dr. Chan for a great experience all around.